Getting Into Infosec

Stories of how Infosec pros got in the field so you can be inspired, motivated, and educated on your journey.

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Why This Podcast?

I’m often asked how do I get into Information Security (aka Cybersecurity). However, the answer is really not the same for everyone. First of all there are so many positions and niches in the field, so we kind of need to start there. Second, it helps to know more about the person, their strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

I figured the BEST way for someone to learn about the field and how to get in is from someone else’s experience. This would not only help educate them on getting in, but also add some inspiration that they are not alone and that others have crossed this path before. Hearing the hardships that others went through as well will motivate them to continue on when facing challenges.

The Creator

Hi I’m Ayman! I like coffee, Hawaiian shirts, and meeting new people. I’m a stop and smell the roses kinda guy. I’m also passionate about empowering and helping others. Follow me on Twitter for tweets and resources on Getting Into Infosec and sign up for my mailing list! If you see me out in the wild, come say hi!

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